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So, I know I never post here or anything, but I thought I'd let anyone still clinging to this place know, I have a new webcomic.


Go read it. Tuesdays and Thursdays.




Since I talked to you folks last, I have finished two projects. The first being a short little 4-page Dr. Octopus-for-a-Hand story, and the other is a short story I've been thinking about for at least a year or so now called BANG. Go read 'em.

And, honestly, if you people aren't following me on Twitter then you are really missing out. Well, inasmuch as you could "miss out" on any of the dumb shit I say, which I pretty much post nowhere else but there these days.

That is all.


(Not racist)

These aren't even close to the final character designs, and it's possible (probable?) that I won't even be drawing it myself, but, gentle readers, behold the first internet appearance of Dan & I's project, DIRK LASERBEAM: SPACE ADVENTURER!

For the record, it probably took longer to clean up in Photoshop than it did to actually write and draw the little thing. It's not really an accurate portrayal of what anything will be like, we're just brainstorming character designs, and I felt like doing this little strip instead of doing yet another page of a bunch of dudes standing around looking vaguely the same.

A little late, but whatever

So, here goes. My Best of the Year/Decade list. It is far too late at night to talk at length, but I'll say a little about each.

Under the cut due to bigness.Collapse )

Anyways, that went on far longer than I assumed it would. My apologies. Anyways, it is now quarter to 3 and I am fucking exhausted, so I'm going to sleep. Happy New Year, people.


Because I am anal retentive and, as a rule, only download whole albums, downloading random awesome Christmas music (mostly from singles or compilation albums that I have no desire whatsoever to own the entirety of) puts me in a predicament. My iTunes library is a little uglier than I'd like it to be, based on how it handles artist/album artist crap, but whatever, it'll only be there for a month. Anyways, my reason for posting is that I felt like showing off the totally awesome filler album art I made so that I could group my random tracks together into an "album", just to impose some level of tidiness upon things. Anyways...

And for those interested, the tracklist is:

1. MC Chris - Evergreen
2. The Flaming Lips - Christmas at the Zoo
3. Lisa Loeb - Jingle Bells
4. The Dandy Warhols - Little Drummer Boy
5. Jimmy Eat World - Last Christmas
6. The Smashing Pumpkins - Merry Christmas
7. Neko Case - Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis
8. Harvey Danger - Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas
9. Weezer - Christmas Song
10. No Doubt - Oi to the World
11. The Darkness - Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End)

Those being the tracks that I went out and downloaded that weren't on any particular album. There are actually 11 more songs in my playlist that are either on albums I already had (Jonathan Coulton - Podsage Christmas Song, Jonathan Coulton - Chiron Beta Prime, Eels - Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas, Eels - Christmas is Going to the Dogs, They Might Be Giants - Santa's Beard), or were on a full Christmas album that I actually felt like getting (Christmas With Weezer).

Anyways. Yes. Christmas!



Well, that's the end of the Solipsistic Ditties. Sorry it took so long to get something done. Now, this in no way means I am stopping comics - far from it. I just let this particular project slip far enough off my schedule and out of my priorities that, to start it up again kindof defeats the purpose of the thing in the first place. But, that said, I think I actually got it to a pretty decent place, and there's enough here for a second book, which I'll be putting together soon. Anyways, I got the idea for this, and I had to do it. I mean, cripes, I couldn't let my last one be about stupid goddamned Michael Jackson. I think this makes for a nice ending.

Now, one of the reasons it took me so long to get this little epilogue done was (other than my plain old laziness) I didn't want to finish this, or really even to start drawing again, until I had a few good, doable ideas banked up. There are two little short stories I plan to do, as well as some stuff I want to have done as prints in time for Stumptown next April, so those are coming. I've had some ideas for another ongoing, but nothing has really come fully formed in that medium yet, though I definitely intend to have another ongoing strip in the future. For the time, especially considering my treacherously long hiatus from drawing in general, I feel okay taking my time between shorter projects now. At the very least, it won't seem much different than the last few months, with the added bonus that I'll have something awesome when I finally do pop up again.

Thanks for sticking around, and I'll see you soon with something cool.


Broadcasting from Seti Alpha Seven

Hello, television audience. How have you been? I have been fine.

After many long weeks I finally have a drawing table again. All the time away has kindof killed my Daily momentum, but I definitely still need to produce things, I just need to reevaluate what that is. I have a short project that has been cooking in my brains for a little while, and I think it will make a fine avenue for my triumphant return. I expect to at least get that started on Monday.

Other than that, things are as they ever were. My girlfriend is awesome and hot and great and I heart her face off every second of every day. I am one super-lucky nerdboy.

I haven't got much to say, really. Which I think is no surprise to anyone who actually read my dailies, because nothing interesting ever happened in them. That trend continues. I guess today was pretty annoying. I woke up to a broken iPod (which I fixed and restored, at least mostly - I still have to put videos back on there and some music that was there I no longer have on my computer) so I was late for work because I wasn't going to let that sit on my mind all day and make me grumpy. Not that that helped much, because I was pretty lethargic and crappy all day anyways. I totally need a few days off to just do absoloutely nothing. There is just too much awesome shit in my life apart from work that it seems silly by comparison. I need to spend a few days at home and just get bored of having fun so that I can go back to work and not feel like a big dumb pile of bored mush. That, or they need to teach me to do something new.

Anyways, that's all for now. Just thought I'd surprise you all with an update. AREN'T YOU GLAD?


It's true. I was.

I Am Very Very Tired
A po- em by me.

My legs no longer ambulate.
I think I might just amputate
them both and then domesticate
myself into a bed.

I tire of this awakening.
It births in me a sickeningly
slow and crawling, lumpy thing,
a cloud inside my head.

It gnaws at me, this fickle pest.
The only cure's to build a nest
and crawl right in and do my best
impression of the dead.

I really can't communicate
just quite how much I truly hate
this torpor; Can't ameliorate
it with some Sudafed.

The only thing that I can do
is find a place, lie down, try to
count sheep, count ducks, count a whole zoo,
for sleep lies right ahead.

Clue that I was really tired when I wrote this: Repeating the rhyme in stanza 1 again in stanza 4 and not noticing until something like two goddamned hours after I had finished it. I considered dropping 4, but I was too proud of working in "ameliorate." I am also not entirely pleased with the last line, but whatever.


State of the Evunion

A little Evin update for all you poor, information-starved people:

I moved in with Dan and Eric on Monday. The place is finally starting to take shape. Well, at least MY room is. The living room and kitchen both still need a hardcore clean, but I'll wait until Dan gets back from Banff to do that. All that's really left to do is get my dresser over here, and once that is sussed out I can figure out if I can, and where I would put if it is possible, bring over my drawing table.

I'm certainly starting to have the time now that things are settling down to get back to the dailies (I have been keeping a text file going with prompts and ideas and stuff for all the ones I need to catch up on), but for the time being I don't have my art stuff, nor do I have a surface to do them on. But, Alanna's days off get all wonky so she won't be able to monopolize me on the weekend for a little while, so hopefully Tuesday (I work Monday to help offset my trip to Calgary for Evelyn's wedding) I'll be able to figure some of this junk out. Provided Dan is home by then. I think he will be, I can't remember.

Anyways, that's about it.


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